I'm Ebunaé, probably the only one you'll ever meet, too (if you know someone with the same name, lmk. I'd LOVE to meet them!). 
I'm an artist & designer currently living in Atlanta, GA. 
I grew up in Grand Cayman in an extremely Jamaican household. South Florida was my home for a few years where I graduated from Nova Southeastern University with an Undergraduate degree in Communications, then from Florida International University and Miami Ad School with a Masters degree in Mass Communications and Art Direction.
When I'm not at work, you'll likely catch me either watching reality shows and yelling at my TV, cackling at TikToks while rubbing my feet together (IYKYK - I'm mostly an introvert), or painting (@bunkiloocreates on IG). At work, it's highly likely that I'm creating multiple versions of a design when I'm brainstorming and putting cursor to artboard to find new and innovative ways to creatively solve a problem.
Connect with me to learn what reality show is currently causing me to yell at my TV, find out what my favorite TikTok is, or to work together some time!
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